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How Underwear Got Under There

RRP $12.99

I see London, I see France...here's a book about underpants!

Did you know that warriors at the time of Genghis Khan invented arrow-resistant silk underwear? Or that the recommended age to begin wearing a corset in the late 1800s was four years old? Or that King Tut had a particular fondness for underwear? He was buried with 145 pairs!

This lively text consists of ten chapters on various aspects of underwear, including the social and historical ramifications of different undergarments and their development for warmth, support, protection, cleanliness, and status. Regan Dunnick's clever illustrations and Kathy Shaskan's accessible text is giggle-worthy, page-turning, and well-researched. From boxers to bustles to briefs, from history to humor, from support to society, the story of underwear is the story of humanity itself.

"Most highly recommended."-Children's Literature

"Certain to keep young readers in, so to speak, stitches."-Kirkus Reviews

Change Your Underwear

RRP $27.99

"Change Your Underwear" is an uplifting, feel-good book which is told through a mother's loving and wise perspective. Leslie Michiel gently guides and encourages a positive, productive and happy life for everyone, especially for the adolescent soul. "Change Your Underwear" includes several quick reading, thought provoking statements which leave the reader with a strong feeling of well-being and positive energy. A few of the inspirational topics include: Believing in Yourself, Friends, Telling the Truth, Light-Hearted Fun, Being Cautious and Safe, Being a Good Person, Tough Situations, How to Feel Happiness and so many more! "Change Your Underwear" will make you feel safe, loved, important and valued, no matter what you are presently experiencing in your life.

Sew Buttons On Your Underwear

RRP $29.99

A quirky look at the everyday quips moms tell their children, "Sew Buttons On Your Underwear" is a delightful romp through one girl's experience growing up in Chicago. Cathy Sue Carpenter chronicles her mother's wit and wisdom with a smart, contemporary point of view. This wonderful collection of motherly antidotes is whimsically illustrated by Janet Arvia. And adorned with personal photos from a memorable era.

"Sew Buttons On Your Underwear" is a nostalgic look the 70's before the internet and video games influenced children. Every page is another nugget of insight as only a mother could deliver. No mater where you grew up, there was a mother who softly uttered. ""Sew Buttons On Your Underwear.""


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